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Dear Families and Friends of NNM,Audrey_Perrott

Something extraordinary has been going on at our school. It’s been going on for over 50 years. From the first day we opened our doors, we made a commitment to every student that here they would discover an extraordinary place to learn: learn to be themselves; learn to be the best they can be; learn to fall in love with learning. A place that would give them not just challenging academics, but the kind of things that would strengthen their humanity and set their moral compass in a committed, compassionate direction.

Year after year, graduate after graduate, family after family, we have experienced a school that’s not like any other. But we have had trouble expressing what this school means, how it delivers an exceptional education and shapes our students for life. After a collaborative and thoughtful look at who we are and who we aspire to be, we are so proud to begin our new year by giving voice to the essence of what we do every day with the launch of our new brand: Montessoaring.

This does not mean we have lost sight of our Montessori philosophy. It means that the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, developed 100 years ago, is more relevant now than ever. Our new brand helps us demystify Montessori and demonstrates that all the latest best educational practices – independent thinking, self-sufficiency, creative problem solving – have always been core to Montessori and our school.

Just like in years past, we draw our energy and inspiration each and every day from our students, families, and faculty and staff who call this school home. Together, we all work to create a warm, welcoming community where young hearts and minds take flight. When students make the leap – whether they crash and burn or ascend to new heights – we’re there, not to catch them, but to celebrate the leap. To help them understand the experience and encourage them to do it all again. Together, we are Montessoaring. What a way to learn. What a way to fly.

Welcome to the new school year. This is the place where kids can soar.


Audrey Perrott,
Head of School