Elizabeth Seebeck Scholarship Fund

For 10 years, Elizabeth advocated successfully to bring high-quality public Montessori to the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood on Chicago's south side. In doing so, Elizabeth partnered with children and their families to help build a close knit community empowering all to advocate for a high quality Montessori education. A large part of Elizabeth's gift was being the great connector — bringing children and families in contact with programs and opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

Additionally, Elizabeth ensured that the experiential learning component of Montessori was fulfilled, including Nature's Classroom, summer programs including Near North Montessori's, arts experiences and museum visits. The Montessori method of child-centered learning and full personal development mattered deeply to Elizabeth. She embraced it for her own children, who attended NNM, and wanted it available for every child, regardless of means.

The Elizabeth Seebeck Scholarship Fund will continue the legacy of Elizabeth's great work as it fosters the mentorship between Near North Montessori and public Montessori and gives children from low income neighborhoods access to enrichment programs and a quality Montessori education.