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Video: Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) Honduras
Chris Ambroso

This spring, 23 NNM students, 16 parents and 7 staff visited our friends and sister-school at NPH Honduras. One group went in April and a second group in June.  Since 2011, over 230 people from NNM have visited an NPH home; many of them more than once. NPH (which translates into "Our Little Brothers and Sisters") has homes for orphaned, abandoned and abused children in 9 Latin American countries. 

NPH provides a home, education and family for these children in need. These trips immerse us in a cross-cultural experience, push us out of our comfort zones, provide motivation to practice Spanish-language skills and forge meaningful personal relationships that last far beyond the 8-day trip.  This video gives you further insight into the experience...

NPH Honduras, 2018 from Chris Ambroso on Vimeo.

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