NNM Cares

We recognize our world is dealing with a temporary new reality, as businesses and organizations close their doors and countries close their borders, all in an effort to contain the COVID-19 virus. These are indeed unprecedented times. What makes this community special is the genuine level of care we show for one another. NNM cares. This is not just a school, but in so many ways it is a family. 

As the economic impacts of this pandemic are becoming more clear, we realize more than ever that continued partnership among our community will be required to support those of us who are most impacted by all that is transpiring. And it’s this spirit of care that is the essence of our strength.

NNM Cares is a program that supports our community in this time of uncertainty and ensures that we all come back even stronger than before. If you need a lift and need assistance at this time, we are here for you. If you are in a position to volunteer your time and talents to make sure all of our families are safe and healthy, we are here for you. And if you are in a position to donate to the NNM Cares Emergency Assistance Fund during this time to support our community's greatest needs, we are grateful.

NNM Cares Emergency Assistance Fund

In this time of uncertainty, our community has experienced hardships that only weeks ago could have not have been imaginable. Due to this temporary new reality, Near North Montessori and our families have been impacted in countless ways. 

In response, Near North Montessori has created the NNM Cares Emergency Assistance Fund that will directly support our community’s greatest needs. This fund is meant to offset the losses created because of the pandemic and help our families with emergency requests at this difficult time. Dollars raised will provide direct financial assistance and basic essentials to NNM current and alumni families who have been most affected, supply emergency tuition assistance to ensure all families are able to return for the 2020-2021 school year, and support the school's most critical needs, ensuring Near North's authentic Montessori curriculum continues with minimal interruption.

Should you be able and willing to donate, please consider supporting the NNM Cares Emergency Assistance Fund. Your generosity will help see us through this crisis and keep our community whole.

Supporting NNM Family Owned Businesses

Today’s pandemic crisis is turning everyone’s world upside-down in ways that couldn’t have been anticipated just a short time ago. Every business, large and small, is feeling threatened, and every family faces deep challenges just to stay afloat. As a community, here’s how we can support the small businesses that need your help right now.

  1. Buy a gift card
  2. Get delivery
  3. Shop local online
  4. Schedule the service for later
  5. Add a stellar review and say thanks

Near North would like to create a comprehensive list of NNM current and alumni family owned businesses (found below under "Support NNM Family Owned Businesses") that will allow our community to easily access business information to support them in these tough times.

Are you a Near North family who owns their own business and want to be included in this list? Fill out the form below to be added.

Ways that NNM Cares