Grandparents & Special Friends Day Photo Gallery

Our 2020 Grandparents Day Hosts Waving to their family.  

Family video calling part 2! 

Counting together with Gigi.

Writing a letter to his  Great Grandmother in Ohio. They write letters to each other 2-3 times a week!

Talking to Grandma long distance.

 Family pictures over Facetime! 

Playing chess with Grandpa! 

Facetime with Grandpa

Facetime with Grandpa

painting stones together

Painting stones together

Joining the read along

Buni and Poppy joining to read along

Conducting interviews over video calls! 

Spending time outside together. 

Hiking outdoors together. 

Learning about Mars with Gigi. 

Saying hello! 

Facetime videos with family! 

Video calling with their Grandparents.

Family video call! 

Chatting over video calls together. 

Learning how use a sewing machine and made bookmarks to send to all her grandparents.

One family hosted Virtual Seder. 

Lovely picture with Grandpa. 

Bollywood Dancing together. 

Showing Nanny dynamic subtraction using the stamp game.  

working on lessons together

Working on lessons together

Singing songs together

Singing songs together

Working in the garden on this beautiful day. 

Interviews part 2. 

Creating a storybook with Grandma, featuring Echo the lego robot and its human family!

Bedtime stories read by Grandpa. 

Playing cards with Nana and Pa.

Connecting over video calls. 

Smiling faces over video calls. 

Shapes and picture matching over zoom! 

Family video calling with Grandparents 

One family received a special message from their Grandparents. 

Interviewing his grandpa asking questions about where he grew up, his favorite family traditions, and what he did when he was the same age.

This family Elf'd themselves! Check out this video.  

4 generations of one family on Facetime! 

A great family photo.

Grandparents Day story

Grandparents Day story created by a student and his Grandparents

Laughing and having fun

Laughing and having fun doing a scavenger hunt together. 

Family Video Chat

Family Video Chat

Video calling with friends! 

Learning all about our families today! 

Playing charades with Grandparents and cousins.  

Video calls to say hello! 

Evening fashion and drawing presentation with Grandma and Grandpda 

Grandparents day Michigan

From the weekend, celebrating grandparents day in Holland, Michigan.