Music and Art


Near North's teachers encourage students to appreciate the joyfulness of music throughout the school day. From singing songs to exploring the Montessori bells, NNM students are exposed to vocal and instrumental music.

For those interested in formal instruction, NNM provides private music lessons, Suzuki group lessons, and ensembles in a variety of instruments and styles.

Students can choose private instruction in: Clarinet; Flute; Guitar; Saxophone; Trombone; Trumpet; Percussion; Piano; Suzuki Violin; Voice

NNM's musicians may join with their fellow students in the following ensembles: Beginning Band; Intermediate Band; Concert Band; Jazz Band


Near North's students have access to two creative studios, in addition to art supplies in each classroom. Students may visit the Art Studio and Ceramics Room during the school day for focused art exploration. Each of these prepared studios provides children the space and tools to extend work that they begin in their classroom, the support of knowledgeable adult guides, and collaboration and inspiration of peers.

Within the classrooms, students have access to art supplies and are encouraged to create through their sensorial and academic work.

Art courses are also a focus of many of NNM's afterschool and summer programs.

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