Near North’s curriculum is built around teaching the entire child —mind and body. Younger students are given practical life work, integrating large-motor activities that build the capacity for future small-motor activities. All primary and elementary students are encouraged to take part in developmental gym—structured physical education activities to help with self-regulation, expelling excess energy, and returning focus.

As young students build cognitive strength through whole-body motions, our older students learn to develop their physical abilities and social skills through team sports. NNM teams play in Chicago-Area Montessori Sports league.

Athletics are offered all-year round and are divided into three seasons:

  • Fall: Girls Volleyball (6-8th grade); Boys Flag Football (6-8th grade); Boys Soccer (6-8th grade)
  • Winter: Girls and Boys Basketball (6-8th grade); Girls and Boys Basketball (4-5th grade)
  • Spring: Co-ed Track (4-8th grade); Girls Soccer (6-8th grade); Boys Volleyball (6-8th grade)