Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid Application Process

Applications for Financial Aid may be submitted from February 1-March 15 each year. The Financial Aid process need not be overly complicated. Here's what you can expect:

Between February 1 and March 15, complete and submit the following:

March 15: The Financial Aid Review Group begins reviewing applications. Applicants may be contacted by the Finance and Operations Director or the Head of School (on behalf of the Financial Aid Review Group) to answer additional questions or to clarify information on the application.

April 30: Applicants notified of the Financial Aid Review Group’s determination of financial aid.

Important Notes:

  • In cases of divorce, separation or separate households, both parents must submit all required forms. The family’s ability to contribute is based on finances of both parents.
  • Tax returns and Form 4506 need to be uploaded to your FAST application.
  • If the application, tax return and Form 4506 from both parents are not received by FAST by March 15, the application may be rejected and/or financial aid funds may not be available.
  • Information received from you or FAST to the Financial Aid Review Group is kept confidential and cannot be released to any other person without your written authorization. No other person or committee has access to this confidential information.

Questions regarding the financial aid process should be directed to the school’s Finance and Operations Director.