Tuition & Financial Aid

An independent school is an investment in excellence. Tuition and fees are vital sources of revenue to our school and along with charitable giving*, fund its operating expenses. We strive to keep tuition as low as possible while continuing to attract and retain outstanding teachers and to provide the highest quality education for our students.

Tuition and Fees for the 2022–2023 School Year

Class Age Time Yearly Tuition
Parent/Infant (6 months old by Sept. 1) 6-24 months F | 8:45-10:45am $5,338
Pre-Primary; 4-Day, Half-Day (age 2 by Sept. 1) 2 years old M-Th | 8:30-11:50am $16,606
Pre-Primary; 4-Day, Full-Day (age 2 by Sept. 1) 2 years old M-F | 8:25am-3:30pm $18,863
Pre-Primary; 5-Day, Half-Day (age 2 by Sept. 1) 2 years old M-Th | 8:30-11:50am $18,863
Pre-Primary; 5-Day, Full-Day (age 2 by Sept. 1) 2 years old M-F | 8:25am-3:30pm $25,114
Primary; Half-Day (age 3 by Sept. 1) 3-6 years old M-F | 8:25am-noon $19,264
Primary; Full-Day (age 3 by Sept. 1) 3-6 years old M-F | 8:25am-3:15pm $21,727
Elementary 6-12 years old 8:25am-3:30pm $21,727
Junior High 12-14 years old 8:25am-3:30pm $23,253

1, 2, 4 or 10 month payment options are available. There is a 2.85% surcharge for payments made by credit card.

Before and after school care are available for students in the full-day Pre-Primary through Junior High.

$100 Application Fee
$250 Registration Fee (new students, including siblings)
$2,500 Family Entrance Fee (one-time for new families)
$1,000 Building Fee per year, for three years (for new families)

All fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and subject to change.

*Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating a student at NNM. Like all independent schools, NNM conducts annual fundraising programs that contribute to the operating budget and provide direct funding to our educational initiatives. At NNM we have two annual fundraising programs: The Near North Montessori Annual Giving Campaign and the Big Night Gala, a benefit for the Near North Scholarship Fund. All parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in both of these important initiatives each year.

Financial Aid

Near North Montessori is committed to maintaining a diverse student body. We believe that economic diversity contributes to a strong and healthy school community, and therefore NNM has committed to providing eligible families with financial assistance. Applications are reviewed confidentially by the Financial Aid Review Group and are considered separately from admissions. For 2019-20, NNM granted over $900,000 of aid to 84 children from 59 families—approximately 15% of the total student population.

Financial assistance is available to current families at the 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 and 12-14 programs based on need. Financial assistance may also be made available to families new to NNM if funds are available after meeting the needs of current families.

In the past, awards for financial assistance have ranged from several hundred dollars to up to 70% of tuition costs, as needs warrant and funds permit. Financial need is determined based on a family’s total financial picture, which includes income and expenses, as well as assets, such as savings accounts, investments, home equity and real estate, and liabilities, such as mortgages, student loans and medical bills.

All families are expected to contribute some amount to tuition obligations. Financial aid is awarded to provide monetary assistance in meeting those tuition payments. Additionally, NNM is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all children have access to extracurricular programs, including Early Morning or After School Care. With that in mind, we provide all families on financial aid the opportunity to receive a $100 credit per child per session towards any AfterSchool or Activity registration, including athletics.


  • families must re-apply for financial aid each school year with updated financial and family information; and
  • aid cannot be granted unless all outstanding financial obligations for the current school year have been paid in full.

Financial aid funding comes primarily from school fundraising activities, generous gifts from parents and other community supporters, as well as the school’s operating budget.

Read more about the process, important dates and how to apply for Financial Aid here.