Urban Farm

Near North's urban farm is a cornerstone of our outdoor curriculum. The 3,500 square foot rooftop farm, plus indoor grow labs and animal habitats, gives students hands-on learning opportunities producing fruits, vegetables, raising livestock, and stewarding the land.

The urban farm is both a teaching site and a year-round working farm that supplies the Sandwich Shoppe with eggs, honey, fruits and vegetables. Through lessons designed around the food cycle and sustainable farming, students of all ages learn how to grow produce and interact with botany in a hands-on way. The farm teaches students how to be stewards of the earth and responsible participants in urban ecology. Farming lessons coincide with classroom instruction involving science, natural resources, economics, and nutrition, as well as social skills involving teamwork and cooperation.

Student Work in the Urban Farm

An Irrational Commitment to Empathy and Grace

I believe in Montessori education. I believe in Maria Montessori’s philosophy and her commitment to educating the whole child. Montessori education is timeless, adapting and evolving to meet the needs of all students regardless of their gender identity, race, social-economic status, or ability.

But what makes Near North Montessori unique from other Montessori schools? I think if you were to randomly ask students and staff in the hallway or parents in a carpool line, they would likely say, “the community.” 

The last 18 months have challenged and frayed our community in ways that few could have imagined. Yet, today I sense a special quality in our fabric that is still holding us together.