Distance Learning

Distance learning at Near North Montessori includes both full-time remote learning as well as half-day hybrid learning. Our goal with distance learning is to create an authentic, individualized, and age-appropriate Montessori framework that is enjoyable, thoughtful, challenging, and rewarding for our students and supports families with activities and a Montessori culture of learning that matches the developmental needs and characteristics of each child. 

As with all of our programs at Near North Montessori, the key to effective and meaningful distance learning is frequent communication and partnerships with families. 

Remote Learning

This model assumes students are learning remotely for an extended period of time. Routines, schedules and collaborative activities planned for in-person learning are replicated for students in this model of learning. Additionally, remote learning occurs for the entire school after major breaks as well as for a single cohort group if exposed to COVID, following required quarantine rules in accordance with guidelines.

Hybrid Learning

This model assumes students are learning both in school and remotely for periods of time, either in half days or on and off weeks. This allows for the school to manage socially distant classroom space as well as maintain the integrity of single cohorts while facilitating student time with co-curricular teachers.

Distance Learning by Academic Level

Each of the school's academic levels, Primary, Elementary, and Junior High, have uniquely tailored schedules and ways to handle distance learning, guided by our NNM mission, Common Core standards, and Montessori principles. (Social-emotional learning activities are included in daily teachings.)