Curriculum Scope and Sequence

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At NNM, we prepare our students for life by offering them a rigorous academic program that develops important skills for success such as creativity, communication, critical thinking, independence, confidence, and resilience. Dr. Montessori referred to this approach as “Educating the Whole Child,” that is, catering to each student’s academic, physical, emotional, spiritual, and moral development. Montessori’s developmental approach recognizes that each child reaches certain milestones at different stages. As such, the Montessori lessons are presented to students when they are developmentally ready and have mastered certain prerequisite activities.

NNM created this Curriculum Scope and Sequence document to help our families understand the scope and sequence of the Near North Montessori School curriculum. It is designed to demonstrate the continuum of knowledge from one developmental level to the next and to illustrate the depth of each subject area.

We hope that this document also provides you with a common language for Montessori exercises to better communicate and understand the work your child is doing in the classroom, leading to more robust conversations between students, parents, and faculty.

View the curriculum document here.