Student Support

A Learning Approach for All Children

An advantage of the Montessori approach—including multi-age classrooms with students of varying abilities and interests—is that it allows each child to work at her own pace. Children with special needs, such as learning or attention differences, often thrive in Near North's setting.

Montessori teaching materials engage all the senses, important for students with distinct learning styles. Students learn by doing and are free to move about, an advantage for those who require a high-level of physical activity. NNM's uninterrupted work time and multi-age classrooms allow each child to learn at his own pace, without pressure to meet formal standards by a predetermined time. From an early age, we help all students see themselves as unique—with individual preferences, abilities, and challenges—which helps them form a confident identity to serve them for their entire educational journey.

Student Support and Wellness Team

Lead by our Director of Student Wellness, Near North's Social Support and Wellness Team is comprised of two learning resource teachers, two learning specialists, a case manager, and our school nurse. Working side-by-side with NNM's classroom teachers, these professionals provide the utmost care for each of our students.

Additional Support

Intervention and Student Support

The Montessori method guides NNM's faculty as we work with every student. Students receive one-on-one attention from their classroom teachers, who present lessons based on the child's learning style, preferences, and developmental needs. In the event that a child needs additional support, classroom teachers will recommend the child for additional observation and intervention.

For students who may identify as needing additional attention, we can achieve learning successes through a combination of learning intervention and social-emotional support tailored to a student's individual learning needs. As needed, struggling learners are provided with individualized education plans specific to their age, personality, and learning preferences.

Children who are identified as having learning or attention difficulties are given support according to the Response to Intervention (RTI) model of student assistance—the student's progress is tracked and intervention is scaled to their needs. For students with an IEP or 504 Plan, NNM's Student Support and Wellness Team can provide options for learning assistance at Near North, or a referral to additional support outside of school.

Social-Emotional Programming

Near North's Student Support and Wellness Team leads students in group activities at every level that build social-emotional skills:

  • Beginning at the 3-6 level, students meet in groups to cover age-appropriate social-emotional skills
  • In the 6-9 level, teacher-nominated students meet in groups to build skills in self-regulation, anxiety/stress management, and socialization
  • At the 9-12 level, 6th graders meet for focused Leadership and Values workshops, covering the school's core values, their personal values, and how to be successful leaders for all members of NNM's school community

In addition to student groups, the Support Team offers children a meditation space during school hours and direct student support with a counselor.

For NNM's parents, the Support Team leads parent education presentations, provides one-on-one guidance, and manages referrals for outside providers, crisis management, and support.

Speech and Language Services

NNM's learning specialists include a Speech Language Pathologist, who is a highly-trained professionals with a master’s degree and experience in assessing and treating communication disorders. These disorders include:

  • articulation and phonology (if a student has difficulty saying certain sounds or patterns of sounds)
  • fluency (if a student struggles to get words out, also known as stuttering)
  • receptive language (if a student has difficulty understanding language)
  • expressive language (if a child has difficulty using language that is grammatically correct or if they struggle with vocabulary)
  • language processing (if a student has difficulty attaching meaning to incoming information)
  • and pragmatic language (if a student has difficulties understanding and using social communication)

Our Speech Language Pathologist is able to complete speech and language evaluations and work with students at NNM before, during, and after school. Speech and language services are billed directly to parents and is separate from tuition. Speech and language services can be covered by insurance.

Health Services

Near North has a Nurse on staff, who attends to the physical health of all the children at the school. Children are welcome to come to visit the nurse as needed throughout the school day. Parents are notified and a follow-up will take place when necessary.

Daily medication administration is available to students with the correct forms submitted by parents and prescribing practitioner.

Parents can submit medical forms for their child(ren) through the MyNNM parent resources page.