What is Montessori?

Our school was founded on an educational philosophy developed 100 years ago by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and education innovator. Through a scientific approach, she developed a method based on human development from birth to maturity – a unique combination of philosophy, psychology, educational theory, materials and methods. Today, Dr. Montessori’s approach is more relevant than ever. A Montessori education develops the whole child to become an engaged learner and thinker for life. Taking our lead from Dr. Montessori, we believe independent thinking, self-sufficiency and creative problem solving will prepare our students for the complicated, demanding world ahead.

Our academically challenging curriculum, our learning materials, our classrooms and our community are all designed to meet the needs of the whole child, presenting purposeful work for the head and the hand, as well as a preparation for life as a citizen in a dynamic, complex world.

Near North Montessori believes in and bases its practices on the following ideas:

  • Education nurtures the intellectual, physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual needs of children – so that every member of the human race can make a positive contribution to the world and work toward human solidarity, social progress, and peace.
  • Education is not limited solely to the academic curriculum; it includes the development of essential attributes such as curiosity, empathy, creativity, self-discipline, independence, responsibility, leadership, and civility.
  • All children deserve the best possible conditions at every stage of their development.
  • All children should be free to develop creative and flexible minds, easily adapted to the complexities of human society.
  • All children can demonstrate discipline as well as joyful, tireless, and focused work.

These ideas are at the core of all we do as we educate children to reach their inherent potential.

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