The Return of NNM's Annual Staff vs. Students Basketball Game

By Nate Lyons, Athletics & PE Director

This year we were able to bring back a favorite NNM tradition: the staff vs. students basketball game. This event has been part of NNM for 26 years, ever since the very first NNM basketball team was created.

Before Evan's gym was built, we'd pack the entire school community into the little gym for this action-packed event. Each year, children make signs supporting both the staff and students and cheer for everyone throughout. For the students and staff playing, the atmosphere in the gym feels like Duke vs. North Carolina, with the exception of rooting against a team.

Every year we have staff members from all over the school participate. This year, for the first time ever, we had a father vs. son matchup with Jesse going against his son Luka. There's nothing but love between the two teams each year. You can see opponents high-fiving each other during the game and celebrating each other's little victories.

After the game, younger students talk about how they look forward to playing in this game when they are older and congratulate the athletes on their performance. There's even an occasional autograph signing by the junior high student-athletes.

It felt so good to be back in the gym this year after such a long stretch without an all-community event. It felt positive and a clear reminder of what a special community we have here at NNM. 

Return of the Annual Staff vs. Students Basketball Game Play featuring NNM's Head of School
Game play during the Return of the Annual Staff vs. Students Basketball Game
Huddle with Nate during Return of the Annual Staff vs. Students Basketball Game Nate Huddle