Sandwich Shoppe: Connecting and Sharing the Love


An Introduction to Sandwich Shoppe by Jamee Warrenfeltz, Junior High Lead Microeconomy (“Sandwich Shoppe”) Teacher

The Sandwich Shoppe Microeconomy Program is the heart, head, and hands of NNM’s Junior High practical life curriculum. Through this program, 12-14 students have the opportunity to run a food-based business that serves the entire school community and offers both an extension and expansion of the practical life lessons that begin in our toddler classrooms. 

While running the business, students apply for specialized jobs that allow them to collaboratively manage all of the many moving parts of “Sandwich Shoppe” and make choices that reflect their collective set of values. Store team members manage product procurement, pricing, sales, and basic bookkeeping, while office team members facilitate communication within the NNM and city community and design promotional materials and events. Kitchen team members independently plan out menus and recipes and are responsible for making and serving the food while maintaining a safe and sanitary facility. They work closely with farm team members who plan their harvest around kitchen needs, care for our livestock, maintain our farm facilities, practice the principles of permaculture, and manage the NNM Sandwich Shoppe Love Fridge.

Central to Sandwich Shoppe's work has been care for others, whether it is while navigating complex peer/coworker relationships or ensuring a young customer leaves feeling welcomed, satisfied, and safe. Students seek out ways to put their dollars and efforts back into both the school and city community, and while this has at times been a bit of a “safe fail,” — the junior high students continue to find ways to do better and be better. Read below to see how Brown Line students applied lessons learned during this past February.

Sandwich Shoppe’s “Share the Love” Promotion

By Alison Becker, Communications and Design Co-Manager and Mimi Wang, Communications and Design Assistant Manager

The Sandwich Shoppe Valentine's Day promotion has been a tradition at Near North for a while now. We have participated in it since we were little and really enjoyed the experience. Before, you could buy your friend a cookie and send a little note with it. This year we wanted to do something different.

A More Inclusive Promotion

We wanted a new promotion based on inclusivity. We felt as though buying cookies for specific friends left kids out. This can cause drama that is unnecessary and leaves kids hurt. We also realized that some parents would be more interested and able to donate to our cause.

We knew some kids have allergies, so we picked Rice Krispie treats (as they are more allergy friendly). We had our school nurses help us pick Rice Krispie treats!

We wanted to make enough money for every single child that attends NNM, so we opened up a way for families to donate through the website and hoped parents would donate. Not only were we able to fund the Valentine's Day Promotion, but we were able to restock Love Fridge as well. We were able to fill it and expand our sharing to the community outside of our school!

We Were Overjoy with the Results

We are extremely thankful for all the parents that donated! We got an overwhelming amount of donations from parents, teachers, and staff! We received donations immediately after posting, and we were overjoyed. This allowed us to buy festive platters, cute tags, and all the ingredients we needed. All kids from 3 years old to 14 were able to enjoy the treat! The kids in the elementary and junior high were very excited when we delivered to classrooms. 

Once again, we are so so grateful for all the support and donations we have received. We wanted to connect with the community, and we hope that every child enjoyed their treat. This is our attempt to connect and share the love; we hope you do as well. Thank you for your support! 

For more information, visit the student-managed Sandwich Shoppe website or contact teachers Jamee Warrenfeltz and Harry Smith at