Montessori Chat with Anne and Cathy

By Anne Matern, Elementary Director

I sat down at the end of last month with Cathy Price, Director of Student Wellness, to talk about how the transition into school has been for our Elementary Level students, what you can expect and what you might want to look out for.

Cathy and I have these sorts of chats on a regular basis, and we thought you might benefit from an update that looks a little different than the letters you might be used to receiving.

Our 15 minute discussion brought out these three takeaways:

  • Our students are doing great and still adjusting. Give them grace and courtesy because while they might be falling apart at home, it's because all their energy went into their work at school.
  • They might not have a skill yet, but they are building on it and learning it. They are all moving towards a growth mindset.
  • Anxiety creates amnesia about all we have accomplished. So remind your children of the things they have accomplished and situations where they have shown resilience and growth. Remind them that they can do hard things.