Alumni Updates: Perri Lucas ‘16

Perri Lucas ‘16, NNM Alum

I am currently studying biology. I want to go to med school and become a dermatologist.

I am excited about where I am with my volleyball career. I had a great season and am continuing to improve, work, take care of my body, and learn more about the game. I can’t wait to continue to reach my potential.

I enjoy watching movies. Whenever I have an off day and want to rest or take a break from my homework, I choose a movie to watch.

Self-talk keeps me focused. I think it is important to speak to and motivate yourself, whether that’s out loud or in your head. If I start to lose focus or get distracted, I remind myself to refocus and not to be lazy with what I am doing.

One of the first memories I can recall from Near North is cutting and baking biscuits in Annie’s class. I vividly remember the smell and taste of the biscuits and how accomplished I felt after making them.

A good skill I learned from Near North is to advocate and speak up for yourself and to ask questions. No one is going to help you if you do not express the need for help. It has really helped me in college when dealing with professors and making sure that I understand what is being taught. Advocating for yourself shows people that you care about how you are doing.