Portrait of a Graduate

Near North Montessori graduates move on to the most academically challenging, competitive selective-enrollment high schools in the city. What’s more important is that they thrive wherever they go.

When our 8th graders graduate and leave our school, they have become lifelong learners with a strong sense of integrity and community. They demonstrate concern for others, civility, and positive leadership skills.

“Near North helped me become more confident with myself. At Near North, I felt so confident to be who I wanted to be, or what I aspire to be. There was really no judgment. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and the teachers were so encouraging. So I could be what I wanted to be, and others could as well.”

—2015 NNM Graduate

"The Montessori environment—there is no better way to learn. I realize now after being in the more traditional school system and in the Montessori school system—there is no place like this and no better way to learn"

—2017 NNM Graduate

Reaching Their Inherent Potential