Parent Involvement

Near North Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child's education—through open dialogue with teachers, taking part in educational milestones, and by learning about Montessori philosophy and their child's journey. Parent education is offered in many different formats from classroom observations and presentations to more formal educational sessions reviewing Montessori philosophy.

Over several evenings throughout the school year, parents are encouraged to attend informational talks, group discussions, and specific lessons to provide greater insight into the daily life of your child.

Visiting Days

Toddler Mornings

In December, the Toddler Community (TC) hosts a Winter Gathering, inviting parents to spend the morning working alongside their child. The TC again hosts a Spring Gathering in May, to celebrate the school year and again allows parents/caregivers to work side-by-side with their child as they proudly move about the classroom with confidence.

Breakfasts (3–6)

Breakfasts are held twice a year at the 3 – 6 level, once in the fall and once in the spring (generally in November and March). Families meet for a potluck breakfast, followed by an open house in the class. Parents provide food and help with setup and cleanup. Evites to the event are sent out to each family approximately two weeks before the event. Specific dates for each 3 – 6 class Breakfast are listed in the school calendar. Teachers will also post information with guidelines for parents in advance of the event.

Dinner Meetings (6–12)

A potluck buffet for each elementary class held in September is a wonderful way to meet your child’s friends and their parents. Families contribute a dish to share and children are expected to sit with their parents during dinner. Following the meal, students and siblings will get the chance to play together while the adults enjoy a presentation from their child’s teacher. Room parents will contact you to request meal contributions. Childcare is offered for siblings in attendance for $5 per child. Specific dates for each 6 – 12 Dinner Meeting are listed in the school calendar.

Back-to-School Night (12–14)

Parents are required to come to NNM to meet the entire junior high staff and visit the classrooms. The staff give a brief presentation and overview of the program. Individual teachers answer questions specific to their classroom. This event takes place in the evening of the second or third day of school. The specific date for Back-to-School Night is listed in the school calendar.

Classroom Observations

Parents have the unique opportunity to see what goes on in the classroom during a weekday morning. After observing your child’s classroom experience, a short meeting with the teacher follows. Being present to see a morning unfold is a wonderful way to gain a better understanding of Montessori philosophy and your child’s experience. Parents can schedule a classroom observation online. Observations usually take place between the months of October–April.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Scheduled parent-teacher conferences are held mid-year for all levels. School is not in session during conferences, but children are free to visit the library while parents meet with the teacher. Parents may request a conference at any other time by contacting the teacher.

At the junior high level, students participate in the conference by presenting a self-evaluation to their parents and teachers. Seventh graders have conferences in October and March; eighth graders in the winter. Conferences are listed on the school calendar.

Student Presentations

Presentation Night (6–9)

Children do the teaching on this special night. After a delicious potluck dinner with all families in your child’s classroom, parents gather to hear students present short stories or skits learned in Spanish class and listen to a musical presentation that samples the work from music class. Following the presentations, parents proceed to the classroom to hear their child present a Montessori lesson. Parents are encouraged to listen to other children’s presentations. Siblings are welcome to attend the potluck dinner, but we request that they be in childcare during the presentations due to space limitations. Specific dates for Presentation Nights are listed in the school calendar.

Academic Night (9–12)

Students have prepared projects and research reports related to a classroom theme to share with parents and friends. This evening highlights public speaking and project-based learning. Parents are able to enjoy the presentations of many different students in the class. Specific dates for Academic Nights are listed in the school calendar.

Independent Study Presentations (12–14)

On the Wednesday after Memorial Day, each junior high student presents an Independent Study, a long-term, large-scale culminating project of self-directed learning that takes place over the late winter and spring. This event provides an opportunity to honor students’ work and celebrate their academic accomplishments.

Class Performances

Academic Presentation

Class Performances

Every year, each classroom (6–9, 9–12) puts together an original production for parents and friends. Movement, music and dance express lessons learned in the classroom in a fun and dynamic way. It is a level-wide collaboration that honors the talents and contributions of each student. A cast party for all attending follows the production. Recordings of performances are regularly available for purchase, or provided online following the performance.

Stayuppers (kindergarten) participate in a Latin-American performance where they present cultural dances, skits, and songs in Spanish.

Each May, Junior High students prepare a themed variety show fittingly titled “May Mayhem.” It includes self-produced skits, improv comedy sketches, musical performances and dances. If you are interested in volunteering with costume or set design, please contact your child’s teacher.

All performances are listed on the school calendar.

Parent Workshops

NNM routinely hosts educational presentations on the Montessori method, curriculum, or parent-specific topics. These presentations are hosted by Head of School and level directors, and parents are strongly encouraged to attend. Specific dates of parent presentations are listed in the school calendar.

Contact a Teacher

Teachers can be contacted through our School Directory or by calling the school’s main phone number (773-384-1434) and leaving a message in a teacher’s mailbox.