Keeping Our Community Safe COVID-19 Plan

Vision and Mission: The Mission guides our forward progress together as we partner with parents to give children opportunities to reach their potential, and develop the skills necessary for success in life. As we embark on this new school year together, it will take the partnership of school and parents to keep our children and NNM community safe and healthy. Every member of the NNM community has the right to expect a heightened level of concern for their health and wellbeing. While it is possible for students, faculty and staff to be exposed to COVID-19 in the course of their days at NNM, everyone is entitled to expect that every reasonable effort and precaution will be taken to prevent this from happening.

Objectives: Living NNM values of respect for others and personal responsibility implies compliance with all Health and Safety standards to keep our community safe. This means thinking of others, appreciating that their risk factor of exposure to the virus may be higher than others and adjusting our behavior with sensitivity and respect, regardless of the inconvenience it may cause us. We are going to extraordinary lengths to meet health and safety guidelines and it is incumbent on every member at NNM to take the necessary precautions to protect each other.

Keeping Our Community Safe Plan

In-Person Learning: We will follow the guidelines of the State/City, which can change. Currently, students will be attending in-person school 5 days a week, full time. Everyone will be required to wear masks indoors with no requirement to wear masks outdoors for anyone. There will not be sticking to cohorting inside or outside during the course of the school day.

Hybrid Learning: This model assumes students are learning both in school and remotely for extended periods of time. Hybrid learning will occur in the event that local authorities require it.

Remote Learning: If local authorities close schools for the academic year, teachers would fully transition the routines, schedules and collaborative activities planned for in person learning to remote learning. 

Key Metrics

As a community, we are monitoring key external metrics as well as many internal metrics. Externally, there are 3 key metrics: (1) Percent positivity; (2) Daily cases; and (3) Reproduction number.

Percent positivity and Daily cases are from Chicago’s COVID dashboard.

Reproduction number is from COVID Act Now.

Additionally, we are measuring several internal metrics, including the following:

  1. Daily health screener community compliance through Class Pass, including travel questions and COVID exposure
  2. Daily teacher survey to assess compliance with social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing
  3. Number of COVID positive cases + number of cohorts isolating 

To date, we are fortunate as a community to have managed the number of positive COVID cases.

2021-22 Cases

While there is not a sole metric or threshold that will inform our decision to close, we are prepared to close, if our collective team of medical advisors and administrators and/or other local authority deems that necessary based on the robust data they will be monitoring.

Other Important COVID-19 Resources

Updated 8/11/2021