Moving Forward Together

As we find ways to live safely under the shadow of COVID-19, the NNM Board convened the COVID 19 Impact Committee to align all School operations and systems with CDC, and CDPH Health and Safety Standards for schools. Teams of parents, faculty and staff with experience in the fields of Education, Medicine, Facilities, School Policy and Procedures, Finance, Equity and Inclusion, Legal, and the Corporate Sector worked to deliver recommendations for this plan to as safely as possible re-open school. 

We will face significant challenges as we embark on a school year that no one has experienced before. While many of our habits and routines at NNM will change, what will not change is the strength of the community to support each other and the creativity and commitment to find new and innovative ways to achieve a similar purpose. 

You can find information about plan to Move Forward Together below, as well as other important COVID-19 resources, and ways to stay connected.

Our Community Is Magical