Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At the heart of Montessori philosophy is the belief that every child is an individual with specific needs, identities, talents and backgrounds. It is with this philosophy in mind that the school community embraces diversity, equity and inclusion as central tenets. We seek to break down barriers that cause injustice and to equip staff, faculty and students with tools to understand and dismantle injustice.

As a community, NNM seeks to develop cultural humility through embracing and honoring identity, creating a deepened understanding of all members of our School community and to cultivate a School-wide atmosphere of windows and mirrors.

DEI in Curriculum

On a continuum from 0-6 to 12-14, our goal is to embed anti-biased and anti-racist pedagogy, recognizing students need knowledge and tools related to mitigating bias as well as to civic engagement, all of which allows them to access their power in transforming the world around them. 

Culture of Belonging

At NNM, we encourage students to honor and build authentic relationships with peers from diverse identities and backgrounds. We use the language of windows and mirrors. Windows are moments that allow us to understand and acknowledge the realities of other’s experiences. Mirrors are moments in which we see our own lives, experiences, identities and culture reflected back to us.

NNM supports parents in this necessary work through affinity groups, guest speakers, parent education opportunities, film screenings, shared resources, and other opportunities.

Diversity, in its most simple form, means difference. At NNM, diversity includes race, ethnicity, religion, family composition, family traditions, sexual identity, gender expression, ability, and socioeconomic status. NNM acknowledges and celebrates our differences through events like the Festival of Lights and parent programming like the SEED Project, and AWARE (Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere), and Affinity Groups, where we demonstrate a willingness to learn from, and about ourselves and one another.

Parent Affinity Groups

  • AAPI (Asian American & Pacific Islander): A space for all parents of children who identify as AAPI who are looking to connect with the larger community at NNMS.
  • MOCHA Montessori: A community of families that provides cultural, social, and parenting support to NNM families with Black children. Mocha Montessori hosts both child-friendly and parent-centered events throughout the year, offering families the opportunity to build relationships and connect with mirrors.
  • MASALA Montessori: An affinity space for families of children who identify as South Asian, biracial South Asian, or multiracial South Asian.
  • MENA Montessori (Muslim, Middle Eastern, and/or North African): A space for parents who identify with the greater Muslim, Middle Eastern, and/or North African diaspora.
  • Latine/Hispanic Montessori: A space for all parents of Latine/Hispanic heritage and/or have children who identify as Latine/Hispanic.
  • Learning Differences & Neurodiversity Montessori: A space for parents of children who have learning differences and/or are neurodiverse with a focus on connecting to learning support resources, and to provide a supportive space for parents to discuss their children's needs.
  • PRIDE Montessori: A space for all parents who identify as LGBTQ+ and/or have children who identify as LGBTQ+.