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Use the links below to explore all of the past video posts from Junior High Academic Director Chris Ambroso

NPH Honduras…Vamos!
Start of the School Year/Canoe Trips
Cinema Farmessori: “The Dirty Dozen”
Nuestros Tres Maestras de Español (Our Three Spanish Teachers)
Introducing Joe, NNM’s New Urban Farm Coordinator
From Chicago to Honduras and Back
You Say You Want a Revolution
Robotics Class

NPH Honduras…Vamos!  Oct 2013
This video features highlights of NNM’s previous visits to NPH Honduras. The trip is a week-long experience of Spanish immersion, cross-cultural interactions, rewarding physical labor and a ton of fun with our sister school. The trip is over spring break and is open to Junior High students and their parents.

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Start of the School Year/Canoe Trips  Oct 2013
Here’s a video I emailed out last month that highlights the first few days of our school year and the canoe trips.

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Cinema Farmessori: “The Dirty Dozen”  Oct 2013
Check out this video! It’s the NNM Farmessori’s version of “The Dirty Dozen.”

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Nuestros Tres Maestras de Español (Our Three Spanish Teachers)  Sept 2013
Buenos Dias. Check out this 2-minute video from our three Spanish teachers: Cecilia, Nancy and Josefina.

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Introducing Joe, NNM’s Newest Urban Farm Coordinator  Aug 2013
NNM has a new Urban Farm Coordinator!  Check out Joe’s introductory video to learn about him, as well as what’s been happening at the garden on Wood Street.  Joe Phillips: NNM Urban Farm Coordinator.
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From Chicago to Honduras  Feb 2013
NNM has established a friendship with Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH).  Their home in Honduras provides a safe home and loving family to over 400 children and young adults who have been orphaned, abandoned or abused.  Next month, 28 students, staff and parents will return to visit for a week.  They will spend time in the garden, farm, Montessori school, grandparents’ home and tortilla hut.   Contact Chris Ambroso ( to find out how you can donate school supplies for the NNM visitors to deliver in person. >>Watch the NPH Video
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You Say You Want a Revolution  Feb 2013
Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.27.56 PM

Click on the video for some images of the beautiful propaganda posters made by Ms. Amandes’ class after studying the Russian Revolution and Russian history…..The umbrella theme of “Revolution” is an important part of the junior high curriculum.  This year we’ve covered Haiti, Russia, Cuba, China and France, as well as others.  This spring each class will learn about the American Revolution and the Constitution.  The 8th graders will see the original founding documents when they travel to Washington, DC, in May.Stopping Points are student-initiated projects at the end of each unit of study.
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Robotics Class  Jan 2013
Each Monday and Thursday afternoon, NNM junior high students take Band or Extensions classes. The Extension classes focus on art (painting, pottery, found art, zines) or technology.  Check out the video below of Janeen’s Robotics class working on their robotic backscratchers and other creations!

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