Upcoming Conferences and Other Important P/I, TC, and 3-6 Dates!

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Happy New Year NNM Families!  I hope everyone had a lovely winter break (it already seems like a distant memory)!  

The teachers are looking forward to their upcoming Parent-Teacher conferences with you.  It’s always a nice time for teachers to hear how things are going at home and for parents to hear how their child(ren) are progressing in the Montessori environment!

This year, the teachers and I spent much time creating new conference forms that will be shared with parents a week or two post meeting. Teachers will be adding comments pertaining to your child specifically. This form is for children in our 3-6 Community and this form is for children in our Toddler Community.  Please take a look at these forms and explore the links which take you to various sections of our Curriculum Scope and Sequence document.  You will also see that this conference form has a link regarding executive functions (EF), a term more commonly used among educators regarding brain development.  There is much current research on EF, which backs up what Dr. Montessori knew all along!  Parent teacher conference schedules are linked here, and school is closed for children this Friday and next (Jan. 26 and Feb.2).

Also, below are a few important and upcoming dates to add to your calendar as well:

3-6 Parent Gathering: Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 5:45pm – 7:15pm (in your child’s classroom)

0-3 Parent Gathering: Monday, Feb. 26 at 5:45pm – 7:15pm (in the library)

For the 3-6 Gathering (similar to Back to School Night in the fall), the February gathering is a time for parents to briefly socialize, followed by a wonderful opportunity for your child’s teacher to engage parents in discussions, reflections, and goals for your children and the classroom community, related to Montessori philosophy and children’s development.

For the 0-3 Parent Gathering (similar to the fall meeting), parents from Parent-Infant and Toddler Communities come together to briefly socialize and then the teachers facilitate discussion, reflection, and goal setting with parents in a supportive, collaborative, and engaging forum.

March will be an another opportunity for 3-6 families to gather together for our Spring Breakfasts. Families join in a community meal in the morning and then parents enjoy working alongside their child in the classroom.  Please see the calendar for specific classroom dates (March 13-21). 

A few important dates in the months of April and May:

  • April 18th, for parents of current stay-uppers, Anne Matern will host a Moving Up to 6-9 meeting this morning (and again on May 2nd).  
  • April 25th, for current toddler parents, I will be hosting a Moving Up to 3-6 meeting this morning (and again on May 15th).  
  • April 27th, for all 0-6 Parents, Dr. Caroline Adelman and I will be hosting a book club gathering on this morning, to discuss the book, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk .  (This was not on the calendar; it’s something we recently added)!  
  • May 3rd, 4 Day Toddler parents will work alongside their child in the classroom for a Spring Gathering
  • May 4th, 5 Day Toddler parents will work alongside their child in the classroom for a Spring Gathering
  • May 8th, current Parent-Infant parents whose child will move into the 5 Day, Full Day Toddler Community should plan to attend this morning meeting.
  • May 9th, current Parent-Infant parents whose child will move into the 4 Day, Half Day Toddler Community should plan to attend this morning meeting.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, anytime!

Best wishes,

Reena (rvmorgan@nnms.org)

P.S. Wendy Toan recently brought this blog site to my attention: https://www.montessoridaoshi.com/  and since I’ve subscribed, I’ve enjoyed the posts and believe many parents will enjoy them too!

P.P.S. While I’m thinking of it, Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, and the children do give and receive Valentines from their classmates on this day.  We ask all Toddler and 3-6 children to send their child with Valentines with YOUR CHILD’S NAME ONLY (it makes it much easier for distribution Image result for homemade valentinepurposes)!  Also, encourage your child to create homemade valentines (they’re not only fun to make, but so fun to receive)! And if he/she is old enough, it’s a great way for your child to get lots of practice writing his/her name! As a parent of three little ones, I know it’s going to take us a few weekends to complete, so we’re starting early!  🙂  



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