Tuning In To Our Children

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It’s hard to believe there’s only one month of school left until summer break!  It’s been such a joy to see the growth of the children over this past school year!

The 3rd-years in the classes have been visiting 6-9, in preparation for their transition! It’s wonderful to see how much they have matured in their social interactions and how capable they are in their works! They have begun practicing for their Latin American Performance in June, and are eager to show their parents a snapshot of their Spanish lessons and Latin American culture!

Several of the 2nd year children have been mentoring visiting Toddler students,  eager to be their host and guide!  They are ready to be “stay-uppers” next year–the role models for the younger children!

First year children in 3-6 have also made so much growth from the start of the school year–they are comfortable, confident, and now take authentic ownership of their classrooms (hopefully those early days of separation struggles now seem like a distant memory)!

Toddlers have been invited to start visiting 3-6 classrooms, and they are excitedly exploring these new environments and materials!

I recently came across these two articles (below) and found them to be great reminders for me as a parent of young children.  Please take a few minutes to give them a read (they are both short, I promise–and there’s even a video with one of them!)!  They both are great reminders for us/parents to really pay close attention to what our children are trying to tell us—they still need our coaching and guidance to better express themselves, have their questions and needs met, to better understand the world around them.  We need to be tuned into them, really listening, empathizing, and giving them our attention, so they feel heard, validated and confident in their abilities.

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