Trimester 1: Report Cards

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The first trimester ended at Thanksgiving break.  The teachers compiled and finalized their grades last week and report cards are being sent out today.

We intentionally operate on the trimester system (as opposed to the semester system) in order to allow students additional time to get comfortable with the idea of grading.  We view this first trimester as a “practice run”, allowing students to ease into the concept of grading.  By the time we get to spring time, 7th graders will have two trimesters under their belt and be much more familiar with grades.

As educators, we view grades as a tool for students to improve.  By giving students feedback, along with the grades, we can help them see areas in which to improve.  They can strive for better work, which will result in higher grades.  Grades also allow teachers to have a better understanding of how to adjust their lessons or when they need to go back and review concepts that students haven’t entirely grasped.


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