The Transition into High School

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Dear Parents of 8th Graders:

On Thursday, May 12 at 8:45, Dr. Caroline Adelman and I will offer a presentation/discussion about the up-coming transition into high school.  Caroline has a lot of research to share with you to help you and your child make this transition as smooth as possible.  The meeting will cover many topics:
  • the evolving job of a parent as their child moves into high school
  • challenges/opportunities that students face as they start high school
  • research on risk-taking behaviors amongst 9th graders
  • what parents and teachers think kids are worried about (in terms of high school); what kids are actually worried about
  • what parents and teachers think kids are excited about (in terms of high school); what kids are actually excited about
  • factors influencing successful transitions
  • fostering healthy independence
Another important note: On Monday, May 23, Caroline and I will meet with the 8th grade students and cover many of the same topics in a modified version of the presentation.  Your child and you will have a shared vocabulary and shared information.  It’s a perfect opportunity for you to continue this dialogue at home.
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