“The Talk”

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Two weekends ago, NNM hosted the AIMS (Association of Illinois Montessori Schools) annual Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.59.45 PMconference.  The keynote speaker was Dr. Sharon Maxwell, Clinical Psychologist and expert on sex education.  She presented a new lens and a unique approach to talking to your children about sex.  In this day and age sex, sexuality and “sexiness” are often front-and-center in our culture and many parents still struggle to talk about it in a meaningful way with their children.  She presented a way to talk about sex with your children (at all ages) in a reasonable, common-sense and effective manner.

I highly recommend investigating her website and/or her book titled The Talk: A Breakthrough Guide to Raising Healthy Kids in an Oversexualized, Online, In-your-face World.

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