“The Road to Success…” Workshop: Highlights and Resources

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Thank you to those who were able to join Dr. Caroline Adelman and me this past week for our workshop, “The Road to Success…Is Paved With Failures.”  Should you have any questions about the links to our slides, feel free to send me an email.  I also wanted to share a few other valuable resources with you:

This is a great Fast-Draw video, with Carol Dweck, speaking about her research on growth mindsets.  It’s very worth the 10 minutes of your time, with great examples of how to praise children’s learning process (instilling a growth mindset) vs. praising intelligence (fostering a fixed mindset).

I found this list, similar to the one I had referenced, with “Age-Appropriate Family Contributions” (love that term as opposed to chores)!  Pick a few that feel right for your child and your family to work on at this time.  Remember to 1. Show your child how  2. Let them try on their own  3. Step back and observe (or even busy yourself with something else so you don’t step in too quickly)  4. Remember it’s about the process, not the end result (it won’t be “perfect” for a while…that will come after much practice)!  🙂

Lastly, this blog, Soft Skills, was posted just this past week by a Montessorian. It fits in really well with messages we had conveyed around building independence, fostering inner motivation, and developing resilience in children.

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