Talking About Suicide is the Key to Prevention

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Here’s an article from the that considers suicide prevention in the way that we typically approach sex ed and conversations with teens about drugs and alcohol.  In a nut shell:  Have the conversation before your child is even in the situation.

Two quotes from the article stand out for me:

“The time to warn our teens about drunk driving is not when they’re drunk. The time to discuss the dangers of drug use is not when they’re high. The time to talk about depression is before they are depressed.”

“I have given my son four no’s that are shortcuts for longer conversations: No smoking, no drunk driving, no unplanned pregnancies and no suicides. He may consider the last, but I want him to remember that he is loved and that help is available.”

Have you spoken to your adolescent recently about the changes that adolescence brings and ways to cope with any feelings of extraordinary depression or sadness?

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