Super Powers Activate! A Post-Election Perspective

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Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, the past few days have likely been a whirlwind of raw emotions, intense conversations and personal reflection.

The election didn’t end with the results that I personally desired.  But I’m a proud member of a democracy and I accept the results of the fair democratic process.  That’s part of the agreement and the only way that this sloppy, messy democracy thing works.

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-8-55-19-amInitially, I experienced shock, disbelief and anger.  Then a profound sense of shame that I was even surprised by what I saw.  I realized that I hadn’t truly heeded the words of women and people of color, for whom the display of sexism and racism wasn’t a surprise.

I’ve been thinking about what comes next.  I’m feeling energized and uplifted by the NNM community around me.

I pose to you a question: regardless of who you are and what your identifiers are, how can we each work to ensure the most positive outcome possible for all people?  I’m calling upon you to identify your “superpower” and put it to good use.  What is the one thing that you do incredibly well that you can wield to work toward a positive future?  Are you a rabble-rouser?  A protestor?  Is your superpower letter-writing?  Fund-raising?  Connecting?  Educating?  Listening? Lawyering?

My superpower is the ability to listen to those who are different than I am and empathize.  I don’t even have to go outside of my own family tree to connect with people who have a dramatically different world view than I do.  My superpower allows my to step into someone else’s shoes to help the communication between groups of people who seem to have little in common.  To help each group understand what the “other side” was voting for and hoping for.

So – find your superpower.  Put it to use.  Get to work!

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