Some Food For Thought

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I wanted to share a few resources that I thought were interesting and hope you might too.  The above video (6 minutes), is a TED Talk given by Angela Duckworth. She speaks to the buzz word among educators and parents, “grit.”  She also references Carol Dweck’s research about growth mindset, which there are lots of great articles written on this topic (I shared a link to one in my last post).

Below are some articles/blogs that I personally enjoyed as good parenting reminders. They are varied articles, from reminding us to slow down with our children, limit their screen time, and show them empathy when they are feeling upset. I encourage you to also check out some of the other posts on these sights, as I think they are well worth the read!

The Day I Stopped Saying, Hurry Up

Steve Jobs was a Low-Tech Parent

12 Things to Remember When Your Child Gets Angry


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