Single Stories

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I’m offering these two resources that both speak to the dangers of painting people into simplistic categories.  Humans are complex beings and cannot be pigeon-holed into binary categories like “red state voters” or “blue state voters“.

The TED Talk titled The Danger of a Single Story, from Novelist Chimamanda Adichie, is a classic and thoughtful piece that challenges us to reconsider what the word “stereotype” really means.

David’s Brooks’ Danger of a Dominant Identity from today’s NY Times offers a different take on that theme.

We are so used to thinking in binary terms: “friend or foe”, “with us or against us”, “right or wrong”, “Democrat or Republican”.  We must train ourselves to think of all of the nuances that sit in the middle those polar opposite terms.  What would happen if we stopped using “either/or” and instead substituted “and, at the same time“?


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