Response to Intervention Tier 2

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Parents have surely heard the expression”teaching to the whole child” during their time at NNM. It is a worthy goal but how can it possibly happen? How can a teacher meet the needs of each individual student? It takes a team approach to successfully meet this ambitious goal. At NNM, we use the Response to Intervention model to ensure each student is getting what they need. In an earlier post, I described a Tier 1 intervention as being the many ways a teacher modifies instruction to help each child learn most effectively. But what happens if the child is still struggling ? More attention may be needed and this is where Tier 2 begins. Every six weeks, the Learning Team, which is comprised of the classroom teacher, resource teachers, learning specialists and myself, meet to discuss the progress of individual students. As a team, we may determine that a child needs additional support and a Tier 2 intervention is recommended. This may include additional practice in reading, mathematics or writing. Our resource teachers work with small groups of children who have been recommended for a Tier 2 intervention to practice the highlighted skill in order to build confidence through mastery. Communication is very open between team members, so what goes on in the classroom is complemented by the small group work done with a resource teacher. Parents are key members of the Learning Team and will be apprised of the skills being practiced with the resource teachers and any other information that would aid the child.

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