Response to Intervention-Tier 1

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Every profession has jargon and it works for the insiders but is baffling to everybody else. At NNM, we combine Montessori speak with educational jargon, which is doubly confusing. One particular phrase keeps eliciting questions, Response to Intervention. It simply means, how a student responds when you change or modify instruction. If a child is struggling with a concept or self-regulating their behavior, a teacher tries different techniques to reach the student. It can be sitting closer to the student during a lesson or providing picture clues when giving oral directions. There are so many possible techniques, they can’t be listed in one post. All of this may seem completely logical, if something isn’t working, you change your approach. A Tier 1 intervention is simply, identifying an area where the usual instruction doesn’t seem to be working and implementing different strategies to observe if they are more effective. Altering instruction to fit the individual is easily done in a Montessori classroom, which is why Response to Intervention is a model that fits well with Montessori.

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