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For several years each spring, we were fortunate to have Krista Keintz (a behavior specialist with Montessori training) offer a parent workshops series.  Unfortunately, this year she was unable to offer this course, but a big (yet simple) take-away for me was what she called, HAT (How Are Things?).  She encouraged parents to set aside time each week with no distractions (no cell phones, no kids, etc.) to check in with a few important questions: What’s going well this week? What could have been better this week? What are some goals to work on? How are those goals going (each week)?  I know this may sound simple, but in our busy lives, it’s hard to remember to make the time to have these conversations, so you and your partner can really feel like a team and be on the same page. It’s important to have this communication proactively, so you both are not responding reactively in the moment (which can often send mixed messages if children are present, as they are very in tune with when we’re not in sync)!  Whether it’s planning a weekly date-night, or just setting aside one evening when the kids are in bed, I encourage you and your partner to make the time to commit to this work (if you’re not doing so already)!

On a slightly separate note, here are a few great resources I’ve been wanting to share with you! Hope you can check them out!


The Importance of Being Little (by Erika Christakis)

The Joy of Parenting (Coyne and Murrell)

TED Talks:

13 Ted Talks to Help You Be a Great Parent (I’m excited about this playlist created for parents! While I’ve seen some of these, my goal is to try and watch one a week)!

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