Parenting Styles and Entitled Kids

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Here’s a brief article on five parenting styles (including The Enabler, The Rescuer, The Indulger) that contribute to kids with a sense of entitlement.  The author does a nice job of breaking it down with simple examples.

My favorite part of the article and some advice that’s applicable in many, many situations is called the Decide What YOU Will Do: Tell your kids, “You’re really growing up, and you’re old enough now to remember to put your dirty clothes in the laundry room.” Then, employ a tool I call Decide What YOU Will Do. Say, “I’ll do laundry on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’ll wash the clothes that are in the laundry baskets and already sorted by darks and lights. Anything that’s not ready and waiting in the basket can wait until the next laundry day, or you are welcome to wash it yourself.” Set your kids up for success by asking, “Now, what can you do to remember?” Then follow through. After having to wear a smelly tennis uniform once or twice, your teen will soon be stepping up and taking personal responsibility.

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