Optional JH International Trips, 2016

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Last night, we had a great turn-out at the Informational Meeting about the Junior High International Trip Options.  If you weren’t able to be there or if you need to review the notes, please see the presentation slides for all the details you need.

8th graders will receive priority but there will definitely be spots available to 7th graders, too.

Here’s a copy of the “application” that is due to Mr. A by Monday, 10/26.

STUDENT NAME: ____________________

STEP 1:  Check 1 circle:

  • I don’t have a strong preference & I’m happy to participate in either NPH or MMUN
  • I am interested in both, but leaning toward NPH
  • I am interested in both, but leaning toward MMUN
  • I am only interested in NPH
  • I am only interested in MMUN

           STEP 1A:  If you are interested in NPH, check 1 circle:

  •      I don’t have a strong preference and I’m happy to go to either location
  •      I prefer Honduras, if possible
  •      I prefer Guatemala, if possible

STEP 2:  Check any circle that applies to you:

  • If space becomes available, I would love to be on both trips
  • If space is available at NPH my parent ___________would love to participate
  • We are able to “round up” our cost to help support another student by contributing an additional:
      • $100
      • $250
      • $500
      • $1000
      • Other: ____
  • We would like to be contacted with more about any financial aid available

STEP 3:  Explain why you would like to participate in a trip.  What are you hoping to get out of this experience?  

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