More Montessori in the Home (and information on the Parent Journey)

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Thank you to all the parents and care-givers who were able to join me for the Montessori in the Home workshop (back in September and last night)!  If you were not able to make it or would like a refresher, you can view the presentation slideshow below. The 2nd to last slide gives a number of resources (books, websites, stores to check out)!  Further below, I’ve shared links from past blogs related to this topic!

Montessori in the Home Presentation 2014

Past blog: Montessori in the Home

Past blog: Creating a Montessori Home

Past blog: Having the Right Tools

The next parent meeting opportunity is only a few weeks away!  Hope you can join us for a stimulating evening on October 30th at 6pm, for the 0-14 Parent Journey!  You will have the opportunity to follow a Montessori curriculum area from Parent/Infant through 8th grade and see how these unique materials and lessons lay the foundation for learning and abstraction of concepts. You will hear from teachers across all the levels and seek answers to questions like, “How does polishing silver prepare my child for math?”  Come discover the genius behind the lessons learned every day!

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