Montessori Moves (Walk-a-thon and Giving Back to the Community)

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montessori moves

This past week, 3-6 NNM students participated in the Montessori Moves Walk-a-thon!  The children had a blast running, skipping and walking in support of the school.  Here are some pictures one of our parent volunteers captured: 2015 Montessori Moves 3-6

giving back

Also, all classes at NNM participated in Montessori Moves the Community, which offered meaninful ways for classes to contribution to the NNM community.  One classes baked cookies and distributed them to office staff.  Another classes baked a cake for our maintenance staff.  Our toddler classes made “thank you” cards for various NNM staff and the other toddler class helped clean tables in other areas of the school.  Here are some pictures of our students Giving Back!

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