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It was lovely to have had a few folks make it for the morning presentation of Montessori in the Home this week!  If you missed it, I’ll be presenting again in the evening, on Tues., Oct. 10th at 5:30pm.

Please check out the below list of recommendations and links to various kitchen tools, activities, furniture, and more! 

Hope you can take some time to check out the various items on these lists and start implementing some into your home!  

If there’s something you’re still curious about, please don’t hesitate to reach out!   

Best, Reena (


“Reena’s Recommendations”…


For Small Hands (lots of great options here, more than just for the kitchen!):

Chopper with wooden handle

Wavy chopperVegetable Chopper with Wooden Handle

Small cutting board

Hand mixer

Brush and dust pan (for floor crumbs)

Small brush and dust pan (for table crumbs)

Amazon has a lot of the above items as well, and here are a few more I like to order from them:

Small juicer

Baking tools/kit

Apple slicer (makes them thinner than most corers)



I’m a big fan of these C & B drinking glasses (they’re sturdy and a great size)

You can find lots of good stuff through Amazon as well!

Small pitcher

Medium pitcher (with lid)

Children’s cutlery set (much cheaper find than Small Hands!)

Children’s cutlery set (with spreading knife)

Plates (set of 10)

Bowls (set of 6)

Target also has good options.  I’ve found the Corelle brand plates/bowls to be durable and not too heavy for little hands.

Salad plates are a good size for meals

Snack bowls (6 oz) are a good size for cereal, yogurt, etc.



Small tray (for food prep, for activities/work materials at home)

Nesting trays

Tray with larger lip (for bigger items, so they don’t fall out too easily)

More trays

Smaller boxes such as these, are great for storing items such as small cars, small dolls, small animal figures.



Here are a few table and chair options:

Amazon table and chair set (for little ones, 0-2 years)

Amazon table and chair set (3-6 years)Aspen Table & 2 Chair Set - Espresso

Ikea table and chairs set

Kidcraft table and chair sets (lots of options here)


Stools and Learning Towers 

Kitchen helper

Learning tower

Folding stool

Sturdy 2 step stool

Step stool (good for having near the toilet)


Low Beds

Reversible Bed

Ikea Extendable Bed

Low bed with guardrail

Amazon low bed

Amazon loft bed (my girls started using this when they were 3 and 1.5, we put a mattress underneath, and made it into bunk beds)!


Shelving ideas:KALLAX Shelf unit IKEA A simple unit can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if your needs change.

Ikea 4 section cube (great for puzzles or small basket items)

Ikea 8 section shelving

Amazon 12 section shelving

Kidcraft Storage unit for toys

Low bookcases are also great for puzzles, a few toys, etc.


Ideas for displaying books:

Simple picture ledges work great for this! (a few more options on Amazon)

Book Stand

A few options through Kidcraft

TOYS/ACTIVITIES IDEAS (open-ended items are best for fostering imagination and creativity!)

Play-doh (with just a few tools)

Doll house

Barn and Farm animalsMelissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set - 100 Blocks in 4 Colors and 9 Shapes

Magnetic tiles


Train tracks and trains

Play Food for Kitchen Set



RainbowMelissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube - Classic Wooden Toy With 12 Shapes



Knobbed puzzles (for building fine motor grasp)

Jigsaw puzzles 



Large beads (for 0-3)

Small beads (for 3+)



Coin sorting                        

Button sorting

Animal matching

Open-Close (using various containers, pouches, etc, with small objects inside)

Cloths-pins matching

Playing with shaving cream on a tray or plate!

Give your child empty boxes of all sizes to create and imagine with!

Give your child sheets to build forts

Offer various art materials (paints, crayons, markers, stamps, glue) and various papers to create with.

Offer various fabrics for your child to play with (dress up, forts…)

“Sink and Float” experiments: have your child hypothesize then test out in a bowl of water, one object at a time (such as a cork, coin, button, paper-clip, small plastic toy, etc) and then categorize objects as “sinks” or “floats.”

“Heavy to Light” sorting: go on a nature walk and collect leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. and have your child put objects in order of heaviest to lightest



Montessori Madness – Trevor Eisler

Simplicity Parenting – Kim John Payne

The Importance of Being Little – Erika Christikis

The Whole Brain Child – Siegal and Bryson



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