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As part of our school’s mission and philosophy, all elementary students go on a week-long trip during the school year and all junior high students go on two trips during the year. These trips build confidence, resilience, character, and community.

6 – 9 Trip: Camp

Children in the 6 – 9 classes attend either Camp Edwards in East Troy, Wisconsin or Camp Maclean in Burlington, Wisconsin. The trip departs from NNM on Monday of the last week of school and students return the following Friday afternoon. Teachers host a camp orientation meeting two weeks before the trip to discuss the benefits of the camp experience as well as to review schedules, packing lists and permission forms. Parents may visit the camp with their children in October on a specifically scheduled day trip.

9 – 12 Trip: Nature’s Classroom

Nature’s Classroom is outdoor educational institute in East Troy, Wisconsin. Students in 9 – 12 visit Nature’s Classroom for one school week in early May. The children depart from school on Monday morning and return to NNM the following Friday afternoon. Please consult the calendar for the dates assigned to your child’s class. Packing lists and permission forms will be available on the school’s website. If you have specific questions, please contact your classroom teacher.

Junior High Trips

In September, each junior high class goes on a four-day canoe trip along the Kickapoo River in Ontario, Wisconsin. The students set up and care for their tents, plan their menus, do their own shopping, and cook in small groups. Camping and canoeing along the lazy river are great ways to build community.

The eighth graders visit our nation’s governmental capital (Washington, DC) and economic capital (New York City) for five days in May. This trip is educational and also a fun way to end their time at NNM together.

The seventh graders spend four days in June camping and rock climbing at Devil’s Lake State Park, Wisconsin.