Book a Parent Observation

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Parents may use the form below to book observations for all levels. Click the name of your child’s teacher for available observation times.

Parents of stay-uppers have the option of a morning or afternoon observation. If you are interested in booking an observation for the afternoon at 1:30 pm, please email your child’s teacher to schedule.

Observations in a 6-9 classroom will be for two hours (i.e. your appointment will be from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM). Choose either time slot (8:30 or 9:30) and you will be booked for both.

For any questions around observations, you can email Pat Daniels at or

Before arriving to the classroom for your observation, please be sure to obtain a clipboard with observation guidelines from the front office. We kindly request that you are in the classroom no later than 8:40am for 0-6 programs and no later than 9am for 6-14 programs. Following your observation, you may have a brief conference with the teacher.

If your child is new to the 3-6 classroom, please schedule your observation for a date after your child’s Harvest Breakfast. Your child will prefer their first experience with you in their classroom to be interactive, thus the request to schedule your observation after this open house event.