Book a Parent Observation

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Parents may use the form below to book observations for all levels, except 5 year old (stay-uppers).

If you are interested in booking an observation with the 5 year old (stay-uppers) on Tuesday afternoons at 1:30 pm, please email or call Pat Daniels in the office at 773.269.6200.

Before arriving to the classroom for your observation, please be sure to obtain a clipboard and guidelines from the main office. We kindly request that you are in the classroom no later than 8:40 am for 0 – 6 programs and no later than 9 am for 6 – 14 programs. Following your observation, you will have a brief conference with the teacher.

If you are a new parent to NNM in 3-6, please schedule your observation after your child’s Harvest Breakfast.  All ‘first year’ parents should book their observation after the Breakfast.

If you are a prospective parent seeking more information before booking an observation, please look into signing up for a coffee.