Parent Teacher Communication

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Classroom Observations

Parents have the unique opportunity to see what goes on in the classroom during a weekday morning. After observing your child’s classroom experience, a short meeting with the teacher follows. Being present to see a morning unfold is a wonderful way to gain a better understanding of Montessori philosophy and your child’s experience. Parents can schedule a classroom observation online. Observations usually take place between the months of October – April.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Scheduled parent-teacher conferences are held mid-year for all levels. School is not in session during conferences, but children are free to visit the library while parents meet with the teacher. Parents may request a conference at any other time by contacting the teacher. 

At the junior high level, students participate in the conference by presenting a self-evaluation to their parents and teachers. Seventh graders have conferences in October and March; eighth graders in the winter.

How To Contact A Teacher

Parents may contact a teacher by calling the school’s main phone number (773.384.1434) and leaving a message in a teacher’s mailbox. Each teacher has an email address (generally first initial and last name, e.g. Maria Montessori would be