Visiting Days

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Toddler Mornings

In December, parents of the Toddler Community are invited to spend the morning seeing what your little one has been up to. The morning begins in the library to view a slideshow of the children working in the classroom. Then the toddlers have an opportunity to have you by their side as they show you their work. In February, a father/special friends visiting day and in May, a mother/special friends visiting day, again allows for each parent or special caregiver to work side-by-side with each child as they proudly move about the classroom with confidence.

Breakfasts (3 – 6)

Breakfasts are held twice a year at the 3 – 6 level, once in the fall and once in the spring (generally in November and March). Families meet for a potluck breakfast, followed by an open house in the class. Parents provide food and help with setup and cleanup. Evites to the event are sent out to each family approximately two weeks before the event. Specific dates for each 3 – 6 class Breakfast are listed in the school calendar. Teachers will also post information with guidelines for parents in advance of the event.

Dinner Meetings (6 – 12)

A potluck buffet for each elementary class held in September is a wonderful way to meet your child’s friends and their parents. Families contribute a dish to share and children are expected to sit with their parents during dinner. Following the meal, students and siblings will get the chance to play together while the adults enjoy a presentation from their child’s teacher. Room parents will contact you to request meal contributions. Childcare is offered for siblings in attendance for $5 per child. Specific dates for each 6 – 12 Dinner Meeting are listed in the school calendar.

Back-to-School Night (12 – 14)

Parents are required to come to NNM to meet the entire junior high staff and visit the classrooms. The staff give a brief presentation and overview of the program. Individual teachers answer questions specific to their classroom. This event takes place in the evening of the second or third day of school. The specific date for Back-to-School Night is listed in the school calendar.