Be Informed: Parent Education

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Parent education is offered in many different formats from classroom observations and presentations to more formal educational sessions reviewing Montessori philosophy.

Over several evenings throughout the school year, parents are encouraged to attend informational talks, group discussions, and specific lessons to provide greater insight into the daily life of your child. A favorite is “The Journey,” an evening event where parents follow a particular section of the curriculum from the 0 – 6 level all the way through the 12 – 14 level.

Opportunities to learn about the Montessori philosophy, the NNM curriculum, and your child’s progress abound:

  • Parents are invited to observe in their child’s classroom to see a typical day.
  • Formal and informal parent teacher conferences provide insight into your child’s development and progress.
  • In the fall, each class holds a gathering for the families to get to know each other and the teacher distributes important information.  The primary classes hold parent parties, elementary classes hold dinner meetings and junior high classes host Back-to-School Night.
  • At the 0 – 3 level, discussions and education evenings are held throughout the year. In addition special Visiting Days for parents or special friends allow each child to share their classroom experience.
  • At the 3 – 6 level, Harvest Breakfasts allow children a chance to host their parents and share their classroom experience.
  • Primary, elementary and junior high teachers host informative parent education evenings to familiarize parents with the curriculum and how it can be supported at home.
  • Presentation and Academic Nights are evenings where the student is the teacher and parents watch children demonstrate what they have learned.
  • Performances are a part of each level (primary, elementary, and junior high) and are opportunities to see learning in a non-traditional format.
  • Guest speakers visit to lend outside expertise and focus on topics of specific interest.
  • Special presentations about the high school admissions process are offered in the fall.

Parents are the first and primary teachers of their children, and when parents and the school work together, benefits for the children are greatly enhanced. To assist you in this partnership, we offer many opportunities for you to learn more about Montessori philosophy and education, and to observe and participate in your child’s learning experience.

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