Mid-Terms and Grades, in General

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Our First Trimester mid-terms have been sent out in the mail and you should receive them soon. As parents, you’ll receive a grade report six times this year: three mid-terms and three final report cards.

This first trimester is truly meant to be a practice run, especially for the 7th graders.  The concept of grading is new to them and we intentionally have three trimesters (we used to have only two semesters) to allow more room for a learning curve. Our grades are not cumulative, which means that each trimester, the students start fresh.  What happened first trimester does not impact what happens second trimester, etc.

Our philosophy around grades is that they are simply tools for improvement.  By giving students feedback (in the form of letter grades and percentages, as well as detailed written and/or verbal instructions), our goal is for students to take that feedback and make improvements for the future.  That’s where real learning occurs.  The focus should not be on what the grade is, but what the grade can be the next time.  We are always working toward improvement.

The mid-terms are meant to be a “heads-up” as to how your child is doing during that trimester.  For many students it’s a matter of just continuing to do what they have been doing to maintain their positive trajectory.  For some students it’s a wake up call to pay closer attention to instructions, make sure they are turning in all their work on time and/or integrating teacher feedback.

If you have questions about a specific grade, please contact that teacher directly and they will be happy to give you further details.  All teacher emails were included in the packet I handed out at Back to School Night.  All NNM staff emails are the teacher’s first initial and last name, followed by @nnms.org.

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