May Meetings/Events and a Great TED Talk!

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It’s hard to believe we are already in the month of May!  While summer is not far away, there are many exciting meetings and events at NNM over these next few weeks! Please take note of a few that may apply to you at the 0-6 levels:

Moving Up to Toddler Community Meeting: Wednesday, May 4th at 8:45am

Moving Up to 6-9 Meeting: Thursday, May 5th at 8:45am

Moving Up to 3-6 Meeting: Tuesday, May 10th at 8:45am

Introduction to the Parent/Infant Community Meeting: Friday, May 13th at 8:45am

3rd Year students (aka “stay-uppers”) have “Bridge with 6-9” and have scheduled visits with each of the 6-9 classes over the weeks of May 15 and 22.

3rd Year students take field trip the Children’s Farm: Thursday, May 19th 9:30am – 2:30pm

End of Year Conferences with parents of “mover-uppers” are scheduled by the teacher for mid/late May.

3rd Year students perform in the Latin American Performance: June 1 at 10am

0-6 families are welcome to attend an End of the Year Picnic at Lincoln Park : June 8 at 5:30pm

On a separate note, I attended a really great conference yesterday in which I had time to reflect on my work with teachers, parents, and students. Also, the conference gave space for me to reflect on the balance between work and family.  I was able to give time and attention to finding my own personal mission statement, recognizing my strengths and challenges, and defining goals and action plans for myself, applicable to both my work and my family!  It was really refreshing!  I was reminded of this great TED Talk (by Shawn Achor), I saw a few months ago, as a way to strive towards maintaining a positive mindset.  If you have not seen it, I highly encourage you to set aside 12 minutes to watch this inspiring Talk, with 5 tips/action items to implement into your daily life!


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