May Mayhem: Under the Sea

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Tomorrow, Thursday, May 24, is our annual May Mayhem.  This year’s version takes place Under the Sea.  You may have been herring about it.  It’s a large-scale  variety show where the students can showcase their talents and passions: singing, dancing, improv, piano-playing, fashion design, set design, tech and comedy.  And it’s an incredible oppor-tuna-ty for really, really bad puns.

The acts are artistic, silly, entertaining, goofy and inspiring.  Often, all at the same time! I’m not squidding.

For many students, it’s a chance to develop confidence and take the stage in front of the whole school.  They can make it look easy, but it takes a lot of guts to dance, sing or act in front of peers and a large audience.  It’s always fun to see some of the quieter kids come out of their shell and display some talents that we didn’t even know they had.

​One of the tricks of putting together this show is creating a performance that appeals to an audience with a vast age range.  It’s dolphin-ately a challenge. The daytime performance includes students as young as 4 years old and the evening audience includes parents and grandparents. ​Some acts are specifically designed to appeal to the primary students (Sponge Bob is always a crowd-pleaser!) and some are aimed at an older audience.
One of my favorite parts of this year’s edition are the very punny puns sprinkled into the script.  I’ll sea you at the show.  It’s a whale of a good time.  Let minnow if you have any questions.

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