Math Classes in Junior High

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Our JH math classes started today and meet 1 hour per day, Monday-Thursday.  Our junior high offers eight different math classes.  This large number of classes allows us to meet the needs of a wide range of students and maintain an excellent student/teacher ratio.

Entering into 7th grade, students are placed into a math class based on several factors, including:

  • the content they covered in 9-12
  • input from the 9-12 teachers and Anne Matern
  • input from learning specialists
  • input from our learning resource teacher, who covers a lot of math for 6th graders
  • individual learning styles
  • standardized test results
  • end-of-6th grade cumulative test

Over the years, we’ve honed our process and we do a great job of matching the students to the right class.  Once in a while, a teacher determines that a student is ready to move to the next class.  In that case, the teacher gives the student a cumulative exam to see if that student has mastered all of the content from the current class.  Due to the linear nature of math curriculum, we are responsible for ensuring that any student moving on has all of the requisite skills under their belt.

7th grade math classes cover preparation for pre-algebra, transitions/pre-algebra and junior high algebra.  8th grade math classes cover pre-algebra, junior high algebra and geometry/advanced algebra.  This curriculum means that most of our students start their freshman year of high school in Algebra 1 or Geometry.

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